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1. Boost Reach

To succesfully sell on Poshmark, You need a large base of Followers. Whoosh enables that. Instead of manually following Poshers in high hopes of them following You back, Whoosh does it for you. Whoosh can follow the Poshers from Following or Follower tab of Your Target Poshers. Once locked-in it works tirelessly&fast; 3,000 follows in under an hour, growing Your Following base exponentially.

2. Supercharge Impressions

To consistently sell on Poshmark, you need be at the top of Your Followers list. Whoosh drastically increases the number of times Your Followers can view your Items. It breaks through competitors noise and keeps Your Items in front of their Eyes, so You are guaranteed the attention your Items deserve.

3. Recaptcha Resilient

Whoosh is the only bot that can handle Recaptcha. It has the ability to fully autonomously recover from Recaptcha in silent mode. Unlike other apps in its class, you do not have to baby sit Whoosh to manually solve Recaptcha. Whoosh does it on it's own, without Your intervention, giving Your more time and freedom!

Your Focus on Sales

Whoosh is no silver bullet.At the core of every succesfull transaction is Your personal touch. Whoosh does all the tedious and repetitive work, freeing You to focus on what really matters; Personal Relatioship and Human Touch and making the Buyer feeling really special!

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